Wireless Control System



Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently.

This type of control system is ideal for areas with little activity at night such as pedestrian areas, parks, car parks and warehouses.

Key Benefits

  • Low investment
  • Fast payback
  • Energy savings of up to 30%
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable dimming profiles


Placed on top of the luminaire, an integrated photocell switches it ON or OFF depending on the level of natural light.
Each light point behaves independently.
A photocell enables an out of the box installation without commissioning.
Thus it is very easy to install in existing lighting schemes.

Motion detection sensors    

Motion sensors (infrared/microwaves) detect the presence of people or vehicles and raise the lighting levels.
Besides reducing energy consumption, this light-on-demand feature contributes to the safety of an area.
Each sensor is set up to avoid unnecessary detection.

Astronomical clock

An integrated astronomical clock provides a constant adaptation of the dimming profile according to the seasons.
It ensures that the lighting meets the real needs every day.

Intelligent lighting with Constant Light Output     

The Constant Light Output (CLO) feature eliminates overlighting and autonomously compensates the depreciation.

Intelligent lighting with scheduled dimming         

Intelligent drivers integrating optimum 5-level dimming programmes can be incorporated into luminaires.
The drivers work autonomously by taking switch-on and switch-off times as reference points.



The Owlet Autonomous Network Dimming system enables luminaires to comunicate together in a wireless network to provide dynamic profile dimming.
This system can be enhanced with motion detection sensors.
When motion is detected, the detection scenario supplants the dimming scenario to provide safety and comfort for users.
The sensors can be centralised or decentralised.
Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently.
The autonomous network is perfectly suited for streets, roads, parks, sport fields, car parks, bike paths, tramways,roundabouts, industrial sites etc.

Advantages of a wireless network

The Schréder Owlet Autonomous Network wireless system offers many advantages including:

  • efficiency: based on the open source ZigBee protocol, it communicates 50 times faster than a powerline network
  • reliability: thanks to mesh functionality the system finds the best communication path and includes self-healing and re-routing features
  • freedom: to incorporate sensors and luminaires
  • upgradability: the network can easily be enlarged by adding new lighting points
  • accessibility: the dimming profile can be simply changed by connecting one luminaire to a laptop (through WiFi).
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